I’m Ari, writer of this blog dedicated to my explorations in baking, cooking, eating and drinking with my family and friends. My blog is a creative outlet for journaling my endeavours with food in my own kitchen as well as excursions relating to food while dining out and travelling.

The name ‘Maple Tulips’ comes from my dual heritage with Canada and the Netherlands. I am Canadian by birth, the maple leaf being a symbol synonymous with Canada and I am Dutch by ancestry, tulips being a hallmark of the Netherlands. I currently live in Dublin, Ireland with my Irish husband, our 2-year-old son and a pampered little dog.

My food philosophy is to eat well and enjoy food while maintaining a balance between healthy eating and indulgences in sweet treats and desserts. For the past 20 years I have followed a Mediterranean vegetarian diet including fish, dairy and eggs but I have recently started incorporating meat back into my diet. You will find a large variety of food on this blog as I am open to trying anything.

I’m a home cook with a passion to learn more about food and my blog is part of the adventure. I am interested in trying out new recipes and foods as well as finding new cookbooks and blogs for inspiration. I think food goes hand in hand with life and celebrations so I tend to share those moments through blogging.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to have a look around, leave a comment or even follow me on my blogging adventures.


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