Rainbow Cupcakes for Toddlers

Since March is the month of St. Patrick’s Day, I figured it was time for a little Paddy’s Day baking in the form of Rainbow Cupcakes. Although the day itself isn’t until the 17th, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival kicks off here on Saturday 14th March and runs until Tuesday 17th March. In typical Irish fashion nothing is just a one day celebration. As my husband always says: ‘We don’t do things by half’. Taking that into consideration, it’s not too early to start making rainbows and searching for pots of gold.

Rainbow Colours

I first saw Rainbow Cupcakes being made on The Great Comic Relief Bake Off a few weeks ago and I figured it would be a perfect baking project for Paddy’s Day. They are a little bit of fun for kids because when you cut into the cupcake you will find a rainbow of colour. These would also be great for children’s birthday parties.

Rainbow Cupcakes

You can use any plain cupcake recipe that is your favourite. All you need to do is split the batter in four, add a different colour of food colouring to each batch then layer the batter in the cupcake cases and bake to get your rainbow effect. I created a simple rainbow with blue, green, yellow and pink. You could use any colours you fancy or have on hand.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I used Rachel Allen’s recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes from her Cake cookbook but omitted the strawberries. This is so far one of my favourite cupcake recipes to use as they always turn out light and fluffy. I also piped green buttercream icing on to the cupcakes and then topped them with some coloured sugar. I used the buttercream icing recipe from the Cupcakes & Icings course that I took with the Kitchen in the Castle Cookery School (See my post Mastering the Art of Cupcake Decorating). It is the best recipe I have come across for buttercream icing.

Rainbow Cupcakes

So before the Paddy’s Day festivities begin here in Dublin, we have some rainbow cupcakes to enjoy.

For more activities / baking for toddlers check out my other blog posts: Gingerbread House Building for Toddlers & Halloween Pumpkin Painting for Toddlers.

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