January’s Leftovers

There are some recipes, dinners, cakes and photos that don’t seem to make it to my blog. Either I deem that they just aren’t blog worthy enough or I don’t have the time or inspiration to blog about them. So here’s a round-up of a few leftovers that didn’t make it to my blog this month …


Chocolate cake. Okay, so January probably wasn’t the month for a rich chocolate cake blog unless I wanted to tempt (annoy) everyone who was furiously sticking to their resolutions. I baked this on the first sunday in January when my husband was having a craving for chocolate and he couldn’t find any of his beloved Cadburys in the house (because I won’t buy any for him – I prefer to bake). This cake is a Catherine Fulvio recipe from her How to Bake Like an Italian book. It was perfectly moist and deliciously chocolate – sure to satisfy any craving. One week in to the new year was probably a bit too early to post a rich chocolate cake blog but it definitely wasn’t too early to eat it. There’s no better way to start off the year than with cake as far as I’m concerned.


Spelt Bread. The recipe is from The Happy Pear. I’m a newbie to the whole bread baking thing so I’m only practicing at the moment with simple recipes. This bread was pretty boring so it wasn’t inspiring enough for a blog post. It was healthy but a little to dense and similar to an Irish soda bread (see my post on Guinness Soda Bread). I’m aspiring to make an airy loaf of wholesome bread full of seeds. I just need to find a really good recipe to try out seeing as all Catherine’s bread recipes use Italian 00 flour and I would prefer to bake a healthier loaf for every day consumption. She does have some lovely breads and treats that I am eyeing up for some Easter baking.


Spelt & Raisin Scones. Another recipe thanks to The Happy Pear. These are basic scones made with spelt flour. They went brilliantly with some Irish artisan raspberry jam and a cup of tea. The Oat, Honey & Seed Flapjacks won out over these for a blog post as they were a healthier breakfast option. Other than the spelt flour, being scones, they are made with sugar and butter so a bit of indulgence, especially when they are slathered in jam.


Veggie Burgers. Jamie Oliver made these with Kate Hudson on his new series Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. It gave me a serious craving for a veggie burger so I decided to try them out. The burgers are made using slightly defrosted frozen corn, peas and broad beans that are whizzed up in a food processor. Um, they burnt out my food processor. Thanks Jamie. Brilliant idea putting frozen veggies in a food processor.  I’m guessing there is one somewhere with your name/face on it that my husband can buy me for Valentine’s Day. After all the effort the burgers weren’t even worth it. The frozen veg not only broke one of my kitchen appliances, they also made the burger reminiscent of those awful frozen garden burgers that you can find in the supermarket. Definitely not a veggie burger recipe worth trying out or blogging about. But it does make for a bit of a hilarious anecdote and a reason to buy something new for my kitchen.


Tray Baked Chicken. Another Jamie Oliver inspired recipe but this one has been tried and tested and appears regularly on our weekly dinner menu at home. It’s a pretty simple recipe and I tend to change up the spices each time to keep it interesting. This time I marinated the chicken in a Nando’s Smokey Portuguese BBQ marinade for a few hours beforehand. Considering the Irish (non-existent) BBQ season is still months away, I figured why not eat something that tastes like it’s off the BBQ when it’s the middle of January. This marinade was so fabulous I’m thinking of trying to replicate it from scratch. So maybe by the time it is BBQ season (if we ever get one), I will have a blog post for a tasty marinade.

As for what’s on the menu for February …. I’ve been perfecting my pizza making skills thanks to Catherine Fulvio’s How to Bake Like an Italian so expect to see a post on homemade pizza. I’m planning a romantic dinner menu for Valentine’s day that involves some fresh Irish seafood and a tangy dessert. I will also be doing some Valentines baking and crafts with my toddler which should prove to be an experience. Inevitably I will most likely bake a cake at some point in the month. Hopefully that’s enough to whet your appetite!

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