Ari Does What Jamie Does in Sweden

I love Jamie Oliver and judging from his success, I’m not the only one. I remember seeing him for the first time on Canadian television as the Naked Chef. I thought he was seriously cool. He made smashed baby potatoes in a frying pan and I tried his recipe. At the time, I was a student so I couldn’t afford to buy his cookbooks but I have more than made up for that now. I find Jamie’s recipes seriously tasty and bursting with flavour but also quick and easy to prepare at home. I cook a lot of Jamie’s dinners during the week but recently I realised that my ‘Jamie Does…’ cookbook has been neglected. I recall watching and loving the television series by the same name then buying the book and making the Tiramisu – my husband’s favourite dessert. Since then the cookbook has been relegated to my bookshelf where it has been ignored in favour of more recent ones. I decided to rectify that by doing a little bit of what Jamie does and trying out a few new recipes, one country at a time.

I started my culinary tour in Sweden and made Friday night a Swedish night. No we didn’t go to Ikea for meatballs, scented candles and flat pack furniture. I cooked Arctic Char Parcels for dinner and made the Quickest Berry Tart for dessert. I wanted to go full on Swedish with the meal and pair dinner with some Swedish beer but my beer knowledge is limited so I ended up with Carlsberg which I knew wasn’t Swedish but was close enough.

Arctic Char ready to be wrapped and placed in the oven
Arctic Char ready to be wrapped and placed in the oven

Arctic Char Parcels

I found this recipe simple and easy to throw together for dinner. It is essentially fish, baby spinach and new potatoes wrapped in a parcel with dill and chives then cooked in the oven for 20 minutes. This is a fabulous way to cook fish. It’s a very easy method and the fish turns out delish. The recipe calls for Salmon or Trout but I cooked Sea Bass instead. The dinner was lovely. My husband and I cleaned our plates. The chive sour cream that Jamie pairs with this dish really complemented all of the flavours. I will definitely be cooking this one again. Although I’m not a beer drinker, the Carlsberg was a nice companion to wash it down.


Two Berry Tarts before they were devoured
Two Berry Tarts before they were devoured

The Quickest Berry Tart

Jamie describes this as Eton Mess in a tart and he is bang on. I’ve never made pastry from scratch and I had considered trying to make it as per Jamie’s recipe but instead I opted for ready made pastry that I defrosted, rolled out and baked blind. I found I needed to bake the pastry for more than the recommended time to make sure it was ‘biscuit like’ as per Jamie’s instructions. I also chose to make small individual tarts instead of 1 large one as there are only 3 of us and the recipe is for 12. The tart was quick and easy to make although it has to be made in stages – pastry before dinner and filling after dinner immediately before serving. The combination of orange zest and berries was divine along with the crunch of the pastry and meringue.

I think we will definitely be having more Swedish food nights and trying some more of the Swedish recipes in this book. I would highly recommend trying both of these recipes.


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